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1Antifungal Activity of Aspirin Derivatives against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum唐孝荣2013-11-28Asian Journal of Chemistry化学0.335
2Nonergodic Brownian Motion in a Collinear Particle-Coupled Harmonic Chain Model卢宏2013-1-15CHINESE PHYSICS LETTER物理学0.924
3Screening of Lactobacillus plantarum LPM21 with F1F0-ATPase β-subunit Mutation向文良2013-12-26Food Science and Technology生物学0.92
4Higher-order harmonic effect of a three-dimensional helical wiggler on the Larmor rotation of the equilibrium electrons in a free-electron laser with a positive or a王时建2013-11-1PHYSICS OF PLASMAS物理学2.249
5Bonding of Iron Tricarbonyl Units to Heptafulvene: Trimethylenemethane, Butadiene, and Allylic Coordination Modes李会东2013-12-1Organometallics化学4.253
6Propagation of elegant Laguerre Gaussian beam through a misaligned optical system徐勇根2013-12-1Optics Communication物理学1.542
7Theoretical study on the mechanism and stereochemistry of the cinchona-thiourea organocatalytic hydrophosphonylation of an alpha-ketoester李唯一2013-11-21ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY化学3.487
8Screening and performance of Lactobacillus plantarum E11 with bacteriocin like substance secretion as fermentation starter of Sichuan pickle饶瑜2013-11-1Journal of Food Safety食品科学技术0.82
9Methylborabenzene ligands in binuclear iron carbonyl derivatives:陈建林2013-11-28Journal of Organometallic Chemistry化学2.302
10Fuzzy Variable Structure Control for Uncertain Systems with Disturbance王波2013-1-1Mathematical Problems in Engineering信息科学与系统科学1.383
11Mandshunosides C�E from the roots and rhizomes of Clematis李玲2013-11-18Phytochemistry Letters中医学与中药学1.222
12Dwelling Reconstruction Strategies Facing Extreme Cold Weather arter Wenchuan Earthquake江毅2013-2-28Disaster Advances土木建筑工程2.272
13Research on Stability and Seismic Response of Earth-rock Aggregate Slope under Earthquake Action刘保县2013-6-11DISASTER ADVANCES土木建筑工程2.272
14L-Pipecolinic acid derived Lewis base organocatalyst for asymmetric reduction of N-aryl imines by trichlorosilane:effects of the side amide group on catalytic performancest王周玉2013-6-3ORGANIC BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY化学3.69
15Dynamical Properties of Discrete-Time Background Neural Networks with Uniform Firing Rate万敏2013-11-18Mathematical Problems in Engineering计算机科学技术1.383
17Asymptotic Stability for an Axis-Symmetric Ohmic Heating Model in Thermal Electricity.夏安银2013-8-4Journal of Applied Mathematics数学0.834
18Dynamics of Water Molecules in Concentrated Aqueous Solution of D-Glucose陈永强2013-11-5ASIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY物理学0.27
19Suppression of Repeat-intensive False Targets Based on Temporal Pulse Diversity卢刚2013-11-14International Journal of Antennas and Propagation电子、通信与自动控制技术0.683
20Focusing effect and modulation mechanism of the beam self-fields吉驭嫔2013-3-1Physics Letters A物理学1.766
21Effect of Chitosan Coating and oil Fumigation on the Microbiological and Quality Safety of Fresh-Cut Pear车振明2013-5-30Journal of Food safety食品科学技术0.82
22Three new triterpenoid saponins from Ilex pubescens李玲2013-3-12Journal of Asian Natural Products Research药 学 0.948
23Synthesis and Antibacterial Activities of Pleuromutilin Derivatives Containing Aryl Urea Groups张园园2013-3-1Letters in Drug Design & Discovery化学0.845
24Influences of pore size on production of 2-methylpyrazine over bifunctional CuO/ZnO/meso-SiO2 catalysts张园园2013-3-1Research on Chemical Intermediates化学0.88
25Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of 2-(4-Chlorophenylcarbamoyl)phenyl Acetate唐孝荣2013-10-7Asian Journal of Chemistry化学0.253
26The study on heat exchange performance influential factors of ground heat pump向勇2013-1-11disaster advances土木建筑工程0.2
27Effect of aluminum on the thermoelectric properties of nanostructured PbTe张勤勇2013-9-6Nanotechnology材料科学3.842
28Actinopolyspora lacussalsi sp. nov., an extremely halophilic actinomycete isolated from a salt lake关统伟2013-11-11Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol生物学2.798
29Actinopolyspora dayingensis sp. nov., a novel halophilic actinomycete isolated from a hypersaline lake关统伟2013-11-11ANTONIE VAN LEEUWENHOEK INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENERAL AND MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY生物学2.072
30Isoptericola salitolerans sp. nov., a halotolerant filamentous actinobacterium isolated from a salt lake, China关统伟2013-5-11Extremophiles生物学2.203
31Myceligenerans salitolerans sp. nov., a halotolerant actinomycete isolated from a salt lake in Xinjiang, China关统伟2013-1-11Extremophiles生物学2.203
32An Improved Ranking Strategy for Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making陈子春2013-1-20International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems数学0
33Rapid determination of iodide in seawater samples by ion chromatography with chemically-bonded vitamin-U stationary phase荣丽2013-6-10Microchemical Journal化学2.879
34Determination of Iodide in Seawater by Capillary Ion Chromatography Using Hexadimethrine Bromide Modified C30 Stationary Phases荣丽2013-2-28Analytical Science化学1.569
35High Accuracy Time Delay Measurements for Band-Pass Signals黄勇2013-11-8IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT电子、通信与自动控制技术1.357
36New Potential Energy Surface Features for the Li + HF → LiF + H Reaction樊群超2013-10-3The Journal of Physical Chemistry A物理学2.775
37Binuclear butadiene chromium carbonyls: Comparison with their trimethylenemethane isomers樊群超2013-11-8INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA物理学1.687
38Synthesis and DFT-Based Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships Study for Diphenyl Ethers Bactericide马梦林2013-11-8Asian Journal of Chemistry化学0.253
39Behaviour Study of Pb during Melting Separation Process of MSW Incineration Fly Ash魏春梅2013-7-1Fresenius environmental bulletin环境科学技术0.76
40A new type of sandwich compound: homoleptic bis(trimethylenemethane) complexes of the first row transition metals樊群超2013-7-1NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY物理学2.966
41The emission spectroscopy of the e(1)Pi-a(1)Delta system of VN molecule樊群超2013-11-1SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY物理学1.997
42Carbonyl versus butadiene dissociation in binuclear butadiene cobalt carbonyls樊群超2013-1-1Computational and Theoretical Chemistry物理学1.139
43The emission spectroscopy of the (2)Phi(5/2)-1(2)Delta(3/2) system of VO molecule樊群超2013-5-1Spectrochimica Acta Part A-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy物理学1.977
44The umbrella-shaped trimethylenemethane ligand in binuclear chromium carbonyl complexes樊群超2013-6-1JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY物理学2
45Dealing with the hidden unphysical constraint and the butterfly effect in spectrum computations孙卫国2013-7-1Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer物理学2.38
46New Classes of Optimal Frequency Hopping Sequence Sets with Low Hit Zone牛宪华2013-10-9Advances in Mathematics of Communications电子、通信与自动控制技术0.6
47New Classes of Optimal Low Hit Zone Frequency Hopping Sequence with New Parameters by interleaving techniques牛宪华2013-3-4IEICE Trans. Fundamentals电子、通信与自动控制技术0.238
48Study on MATLAB-based Data Processing Method for Ground Penetrating Radar to Detect Tunnel Lining舒志乐2013-8-5disaster advances土木建筑工程0.2
49Analysis of Earth-rock Aggregate Microstructure and Research on Digital Image Processing舒志乐2013-1-5disaster advances土木建筑工程0.2
50Solving the Regression Problems Based on Maxi-Min Margin Machine王晓明2013-3-1INFORMATION-AN INTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL计算机科学技术0.358
52Duality properties for the b-AM-compact operators on Banach lattices程娜2013-6-20MATHEMATICAL NOTES数学0.2
54Beam quality of array beam from axisymmetric folded-combined CO2 laser徐勇根2013-6-1Optik物理学0.524
55Comparative research of multichannel slab and discharge tube CO2 lasers徐勇根2013-5-10APPLIED OPTICS物理学1.689
56Catalyst-free Alkylation of Aromatic Amines with Aldehydes王周玉2013-10-4Letters in Organic Chemistry化学0.667
57A mutual GrabCut method to solve co-segmentation高志升2013-2-13EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing计算机科学技术0.6
58Linguistic interval 2-tuple power aggregation operators and their applications裴峥2013-5-14INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS数学0
59Formal concept analysis based on the topology for attributes of a formal context裴峥2013-10-22INFORMATION SCIENCES数学3.643
61Synthesis and Activity of Novel Fungicide 2-(4-Bromophenyl carbamoyl)phenyl Acetate张燕2013-11-15Asian Journal of Chemistry化学0.253
62Adaptive Fuzzy Spiking Neural P Systems for Fuzzy Inference and Learning王军2013-4-1International Journal of Computer Mathematics动力与电气工程1.041
63Microbial Diversity and Succession in the Chinese Luzhou-Flavor Liquor Fermenting Cover Lees as Evaluated by SSU rRNA Profiles向文良2013-10-24INDIAN JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY生物学0.68
64Stochastic Stability Analysis for Markovian Jump Neutral Nonlinear Systems王波2013-3-1Modeling, Identification and Control信息科学与系统科学0.615
65Robust H-infinity synchronization of a hyper-chaotic system with disturbance input王波2013-4-1Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications信息科学与系统科学2.201
66Diverse Bonding Modes of the Tetramethyleneethane Ligand in Binuclear Iron Carbonyl Derivatives李会东2013-7-30NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY化学2.966
67Alkyne Dichotomy: Splitting of Bis(dialkylamino)acetylenes, Dimethoxyacetylene,Bis(methylthio)acetylene, and Their Heavier Congeners to Give Carbyne Ligands in Iron Carbonyl Derivatives李会东2013-1-30ORGANOMETALLICS物理学4.145
68Extreme Metal Carbonyl Back Bonding in Cyclopentadienylthorium Carbonyls Generates Bridging C2O2 Ligands by Carbonyl Coupling李会东2013-9-30INORGANIC CHEMISTRY化学4.593
69Diatomic Silylynes, Germylynes, Stannylynes, and Plumbylynes: Structures, Dipole Moments, Dissociation Energies, and Quartet-Doublet Gaps of EH and EX (E = Si, Ge, Sn, Pb; X = F, Cl, Br, I)李会东2013-9-30INORGANIC CHEMISTRY化学4.593
70The Alkaline Earth Dimer Cations (Be2+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, and Ba2+). Coupled Cluster and Full Configuration Interaction Studies李会东2013-8-1MOLECULAR PHYSICS物理学1.67
71Bis(heptalene) “submarine” metal dimer sandwich, compounds (C12H10)2M2 (M =Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni)李会东2013-7-1JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MODELING物理学1.984
72Metallametallocenes: Sandwich Compounds of the First-Row Transition Metals (M, M = Fe, Co, Ni) Containing a Metallacyclopentadiene Ring曾义2013-4-1Eur. J. Inorg. Chem化学3.12
73Moving on from F+H2: The More Challenging Reaction between Atomic Fluorine and Methylamine冯灏2013-5-30ChemPhysChem化学3.349
74An Efficient Way to the Synthesis of 2-Deoxy-2-[(7-nitro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazol-4-yl)amino]-beta-D-glucopyranose (2-NBDG) via 7-Nitro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazol-4-yl Chloride (NBD-Cl)王周玉2013-10-1Letters in Organic Chemistry化学0.667
75Modification Design Method for an Enveloping Hourglass Worm with Consideration of Machining and Misalignment Errors邓星桥2013-10-30Chinese journal of mechanical engineering机械工程0.208
76Semantic ranking of web pages based on formal concept analysis杜亚军2013-5-5JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE计算机科学技术1.135
77Fuzzy reasoning spiking neural P system for fault diagnosis彭宏2013-4-2Information Sciences电子、通信与自动控制技术3.643
78Audio watermarking scheme robust against desynchronization attacks based on kernel clustering彭宏2013-6-1Multimedia Tools and Applications电子、通信与自动控制技术1.014
79A novel image thresholding method based on membrane computing and fuzzy entropy彭宏2013-4-1Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems电子、通信与自动控制技术0.788
80A learning-based audio watermarking scheme using kernel Fisher discriminant analysis彭宏2013-4-1Digital Signal Processing电子、通信与自动控制技术1.918
81Fabrication of Microwave Exfoliated Graphite Oxide Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyurethane Nanocomposites: Effects of Filler on Morphology, Mechanical, Thermal and Conductive Properties卞军2013-4-2Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing材料科学2.7
82PP/PP-g-MAH/Layered Expanded Graphite Oxide Nanocomposites Prepared Via Masterbatch Process卞军2013-4-5JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE材料科学1.3
83Adaptive Variable Structure Fuzzy Neural Identification and Control for a Class of MIMO Nonlinear System董秀成2013-9-1Journal of the Franklin Institute电子、通信与自动控制技术2.724
84Optimization of bacteriocin-like substance production by Bacillus cereus XH25 using response surface methodology向文良2013-9-15Res J Biotechnol生物学0.563
85Effect of chronic and acute exposure to total dissolved gas supersaturation on growth and survival in juvenile rock carp (Procypris rabaudi Tchang)刘晓庆2013-9-3Journal of Food Agriculture & Environment水利工程0.435
86Synthesis of salen Mn(III) immobilized onto the ZnPS-PVPA黄静2013-7-13Tetrahedron材料科学2.803
87Effect of submerged and solid-state fermentation on pigment and citrinin production by Monascus purpureus张良2013-10-9ACTA BIOLOGICA HUNGARICA生物学0.7
88A steganalysis by adjacency pixel bits structure唐明伟2013-4-1Computers & Electrical Engineering计算机科学技术0.97
89Frequency fine adjusting of LTCC microwave resonators based on BZN ceramics杨晓静2013-5-1CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL材料科学1.72
90study on the performance of active front steering system徐延海2013-9-18international journal of automotive technology机械工程0.716
91Interaction between prismatic slip and a Mg17Al12 precipitate廖敏2013-10-29Computational Materials Science机械工程1.878
92Unstable dissociation of a prismatic dislocation in magnesium廖敏2013-8-1Scripta Materialia机械工程2.821
95The Dielectric Dispersion Properties of BaTiO3 Based Ferroelectric Ceramics Doped with Nb/Mn丁士华2013-9-25Ferroelectrics物理学0.54
96Bi1.5-xCaxZnNb1.5O7 陶瓷结构、介电性能与结晶化学特性丁士华2013-5-29无机材料学报材料科学0.531
97Similar Construction Method of Solution for Solving the Mathematical Model of Fractal Reservoir with Spherical Flow(不是第一作者统计用)李顺初2013-8-1Journal of Applied Mathematics能源科学技术0.731
98Deception jammer rejection using pulse diversity in joint slow/fast-time domain卢刚2013-7-1JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS电子、通信与自动控制技术0.237
100Synthesis, characterization and application of polycarboxylate additive for coal water slurry马素德2013-6-10Fuel材料科学3.357
101Intrinsically conducting polymer-based fabric strain sensors马素德2013-9-10Polymer International材料科学2.125
102Hot deformation and processing maps of Fe-B alloy张建军2013-8-20MATERIALS RESEARCH INNOVATIONS材料科学0.321
103Effect of Hot Forging on Microstructure and Abrasion Resistance of Fe-B Alloy张建军2013-7-20TRIBOLOGY TRANSACTIONS材料科学0.914
104Impact wear behaviors of two modified layers in Ti6Al4V Substrate王艳2013-8-19稀有金属材料与工程材料科学0.16
105Kinematic Law of Solids on a Drilling Fluid Vibrating Screen朱维兵2013-8-8Petroleum Science and Technology机械工程0.3
106Design and Performance Analysis of Dual Vibrating Motors Self Synchronous Shaker with Balanced Elliptical Motion朱维兵2013-6-13Journal of Vibroengineering机械工程0.346
107Safety Assessment of Existing Double-curved Concrete Arch Bridge using Non-destructive Method李丽2013-2-1Disaster Adv交通运输工程2.272
108Improving the capacity of tire normal force via variable stiffness and damping suspension system徐延海2013-8-12Journal of Terramechanics机械工程0.935
109Effect of amorphous evolution on structure and absorption properties of FeSiCr alloy powders周廷栋2013-5-30JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS材料科学1.8
110Electric Conductivity in Aqueous Solution of NaCL+ Methanol Under External Microwave Field by No-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Mimulation魏金成2013-10-31Asian Journal Chemistr信息科学与系统科学0.266
111BIBO Stability Analysis for Delay Switched Systems with Nonlinear Perturbation魏金成2013-10-31Abstract and Applied Analysis电子、通信与自动控制技术1.318
112Optimiation and antifungal of amide analogues焦士蓉2013-6-17Asian journal of chemistry生物学0.266
113Synthesis and fungicidal activity of 2-(3-fluorophenylcarbamoyl)phenyl acetate焦士蓉2013-6-17Asian journal of chemistry农学0.266
114Microbial succession in the traditional Chinese Luzhou-flavor liquor fermentation process as evaluated by SSU rRNA profiles向文良2013-3-12World J Microbiol Biotechnol生物学1.24
115Conservative linear difference scheme for Rosenau-KdV equation胡劲松2013-10-12Advances in Mathematical Physics数学0.459
116Influence of oxidation heat on hard anodic film of aluminum alloy魏晓伟2013-1-21TRANSACTIONS OF NONFERROUS METALS SOCIETY OF CHINA材料科学0.917
117Solidification structure of melt mixture of hypoeutectic/semisolid hypereutectic Al-Si alloy魏晓伟2013-1-13MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY材料科学0.751
118Stress-softening and Interaction in Polydimethylsiloxane/Nano-Calcium Carbonate Networks彭娅2013-5-15Asian Journal of Chemistry材料科学0.3
119Equilibrium electrons in free-electron lasers with a 3D helical wiggler and a guide magnetic field: Nonlinear simulations黄小莉2013-2-1PHYSICAL REVIEW SPECIAL TOPICS-ACCELERATORS AND BEAMS物理学1.565
120Weighted Fuzzy Spiking Neural P Systems王军2013-4-1IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems动力与电气工程4.26
121Ring Ferrule Effect of Enveloping Angle Steel on RC Columns蒋华2013-1-15Disaster Advances土木建筑工程0.692
122High voltage (> 1100V) SOI LDMOS with an accumulated charges layer for double enhanced dielectric electric field阳小明2013-4-26IEICE ELECTRONICS EXPRESS电子、通信与自动控制技术0.56
123Probabilistic mechanism analysis with bounded random dimension variables罗康2013-8-1Mechanism and Machine Theory机械工程1.54
124Syntheses of 4-(1H)-Quinolones and the Brominated or Methoxy Substituted Derivatives马梦林2013-3-5有机化学化学0.741
125Spectral analysis of Ar plasma-arc under different experimental parameters谢维成2013-4-22Optik电子、通信与自动控制技术0.526
127Assessment of Iron Bioavailability in Ten Kinds of Chinese Wheat Flours Using an in vitro Digestion/Caco-2 cell Model雷激2013-11-4Biomedical and Environmental Sciences预防医学与卫生学1.345
128Real-time CT Experimental Research on Creep Microscopic Damage Evolution of Coal Rock under Compression刘保县2013-11-12Disaster Advances土木建筑工程0.692
129Study of Fractals Characteristics on Micropores and Microcracks in Rock Before Rock Engineering Disasters刘立2013-2-7Disaster Advances力学0.692
130Appraisal and Strengthening for a Factory Building Subjected to Fire Disaster唐红元2013-4-10Disaster Advances土木建筑工程0.692

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